Above the sky

Above the skyIn “Above the sky” there are no uncertain terms , it is perhaps my more “extreme” album, where my passion for the vacuum does not allow room for any compromise, while maintaining , as in my previous work , the melodic element , my interest goes right to the essence of sound, the music as pure color and tonal experimentation . For this reason I have chosen precious fellow travelers like me who intend the musical research as an exploration of sound and I wanted to pull over to my compositions authors who I feel similar in the way of understanding music as a tool to give voice to the invisible . In addition to my music then you will find the music of G.I.Gurdjieff,  L. Ball, J. Alain and A. Hovhaness . Next to my piano you’ll hear the colors of an accordion played with flair and originality by Luca Venitucci , a bass flute played by Paolo Fratini , the poignant notes of the sax by Nicola Alesini , the magic of a theremin entrusted to Maurizio ErMan Mansueti , the pace of percussion of Marcello Piccinini , and yet the electronic sounds of Mark Tranmer and Jaan Patterson . Now the music takes off and I hope it will reach you, see you soon and…have a good journey!

Nightflight (videoclip)


01. Three Hexagrams
02. Night Flight
03. There it rains
04. Vision of a Starry Night
05. Chant from a Holy Book
06. Sacred Geese
07. Lily and the Fog
08. Etude de Sonorité
09. Love Attitude
10. Lyra
11. Starmilk
12. Hologram of a Dream