Antea…and autumn’s colours

Written by Alessandra on October 19th, 2018 Posted in blog

We are now in full autumn and for this reason, in this season that I adore, I promise you surprises and beautiful things, music and colors ….

I would like to start by telling you something about Antea … 


Antea was a young Roman courtesan portrayed in a beautiful painting by Parmigianino. The “French” dress, with a tunic made of precious fabrics, interwoven with gold, and puffed sleeves on the shoulders, which become more adherent along the arm. The face framed by the hair gathered in an elaborate hairstyle with a diadem and two precious earrings. Intense gaze ….

This year Antea has become the protagonist of the film by Massimo Martella “In the Name of Antea”: here the beautiful courtesan takes a voice and tells how, thanks to a group of young Italian officials of Fine Arts, she could escape the bombing and to the destruction of the Second World War.

It was not easy for me to compose the soundtrack of this exciting story full of nuances. The director first asked me to entrust a string quartet with a theme that began in a “suspended” way and then flowed into a singable and involving melody. Thus the theme of Antea was born. But this was only the beginning … Each new chapter in the story, every scene, every landscape needed a new color, a new harmony, a sometimes dramatic melody, sometimes light, sometimes even ironic. ..

It has been a long and demanding job, which, if I have to be honest, has also given me some moments of discouragement. But now I can tell you that I am very happy because the film / documentary (and also my music) had a warm welcome in many cinematrographic rooms throughout Italy … and it seems that Antea has not yet tired of traveling.

Just in these days I decided to give the soundtrack an autonomous life and I loaded the tracks, as many as 32, on bandcamp where you can listen to them for free in streeming or even to download.

Then I leave you with Antea … and his beloved astronomer.   


click on the image below to go to bandcamp and listen the soundtrack:Antea su bandcamp