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#cellettiblue live @Viterbo

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Sabato 25 maggio ore 20
Ai Cantieri del Signorino
Alessandra Celletti in Concerto
Un viaggio nel blu, il colore sempre amato da Alessandra Celletti; un viaggio stellare durante il quale il disco “33 giri”si tinge del colore del cielo
In questo viaggio, una delle artiste più interessanti del panorama nazionale, ha voluto essere “romantica” fino in fondo.
Una serata magica colma di atmosfere sognanti e romantiche emozioni!!!

Ingresso riservato ai tesserati
Info e prenotazioni

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(Italiano) #cellettiblue live all’Apollo Undici

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(Italiano) un bacio tra due fiumi

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#cellettiblue….my lunar journey

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My interest has always been about the essence of sound, understood as color and tonal experimentation. This time I propose to you a trip in the blue, always my color. I like to think of it as a stellar journey during which the disk (a 33 rpm) is tinged with the color of the sky.

It is not for fashion nor nostalgia if I decided to print this work on vinyl. The deep reason lies in the desire to go more and more deeply into the search for this sonic essence, this “pure” color.

I bring you back in time: in 1948 in America the 33 rpm is officially introduced as an evolution of the previous 78 rpm disc. As its shellac ancestor is a round plate on which the recording is coded in an analogical way. However, the best quality of vinyl (PVC) compared to shellac has made it possible to reduce the thickness of the grooves, decrease the pitch of the spiral and consequently lower the rotation speed from 78 to 33 revolutions per minute. The sound is read by means of a pin, in diamond or other synthetic material, placed on the engraved groove. The rotation of the disc causes the needle to generate vibrations resulting from the irregularity of the groove and the sound reproduced produces a series of imperfections that make music more “natural” and “hot” compared to modern digital systems, certainly more precise but also more “cold”.

But back to today: to 2019. Now the 33 rpm records are almost always recorded digitally and then printed on vinyl. A sort of compromise between new technologies and romanticism that can certainly guarantee an excellent result of sound “beauty” but also of executive precision.

But for this new musical journey I wanted to be “romantic” to the end. No compromise in this new adventure. The recording took place entirely in direct mode, on analog tape and without noise reducers. Not even a cut to remove imperfections or add the best parts.
The disc consists of only two tracks: one on the A side (17’58 “) and the other on the B side (21’32”). Stylistically I do not know what to say: as I like it there are no rules.
Some parts are written, others improvised, others, perhaps, only dreamed.
At this point I can finally reveal the solution to the riddle, jokingly launched in one of the stories on instagram, and tell you that the vinyl is produced by Guido Laudani, cardiologist, but also a photographer and art lover.


You cen reserve your copy on bandcamp:

#cellettiblue vinyl



(colored vinyl – 180 gr. – limited edition 500 numbered copies)
Recorded live on the Studer A807 (1/4 “) analogue recorder without noise reducers, using Focusrite Red1 preamps and Neumann and Gefell microphones.
Bechstein piano B228


Concert in Belgrade

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25 February 2019 at Kolarac Theater in Belgrade






New on Spotify

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Francisco Goya: Il sonno della ragione genera mostri

“Sleep Of Reason” out now on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and Google play

Here the link: ▶️

Composed as the official soundtrack to the documentary “Mio duce ti scrivo”, and inspired by the craziness during the fascist regime in Italy, the album is an emotionally charged collection that showcases some of Celletti’s finest work to date.


Sleep of Reason

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Francisco Goya: Il sonno della ragione genera mostri

Francisco Goya: Il sonno della ragione genera mostri


In 2015, Massimo Martella contacted me to create the soundtrack of “My Duce I write you” a documentary film that tells one of the crucial periods of Italy through an unpublished view: hundreds of thousands of letters
written by the Italians to Benito Mussolini. During the twenty years, Italians of all ages, sex and social backgrounds take the pen to write to the duce. They are accounts and peasants, students, nuns, prostitutes, writers and illiterates, workers and soldiers at the front. Many write to ask for financial aid, some to denounce wrongs or illegality, but most want only to communicate to Mussolini the faith in his person, with a devotion that sometimes leads to adoration.
An exalted correspondence of hundreds of thousands of letters, selected, interpreted by four actors (and accompanied by the testimony of an exceptional sender, Andrea Camilleri), which is worth an extraordinary insight into life in the twenty years. These letters tell the story, the hopes, the pains of those who wrote them; and show how he was born, he grew up and then broke that relationship of affection without intermediaries that Mussolini, thanks also to the pervasive use of propaganda, was able to create with the Italians.
For me it was very interesting to give a sound to this piece of history, to these feelings … and now I decided to make available to all of you the songs I had composed (almost all on the piano) for the soundtrack of this interesting work . In order to avoid misunderstandings on my political vision, profoundly anti-fascist, and wishing that every person can always maintain his autonomy of thought and his essence of being “free” I have included them on spotify with the title “Sleep of Reason”:


5th december @Naples

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Maschio Angioino







The piano by Alessandra Celletti for the freedom of social ties against any form of organized arrogance.

Wednesday, December 5th at 06:00 pm

Maschio Angioino – Castel Nuovo – Naples

Here the detailed program of “The Night of the Philosophers”: the detailed program of “La Notte dei Filosofi”:


Burning……………………………………against mafias

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Music against Mafias











Until November 27 at noon it is possible to vote for one of the pieces participating in “Music against mafias”.

Alessandra Celletti participates with “Burning” an instrumental piece for piano and drums that wants to symbolize the flow of lifeblood that rebels against oppression. An expression of freedom and a desire to overturn reality.

Here is the link to watch Burning’s video and vote for it:





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Antea…and autumn’s colours

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We are now in full autumn and for this reason, in this season that I adore, I promise you surprises and beautiful things, music and colors ….

I would like to start by telling you something about Antea … 


Antea was a young Roman courtesan portrayed in a beautiful painting by Parmigianino. The “French” dress, with a tunic made of precious fabrics, interwoven with gold, and puffed sleeves on the shoulders, which become more adherent along the arm. The face framed by the hair gathered in an elaborate hairstyle with a diadem and two precious earrings. Intense gaze ….

This year Antea has become the protagonist of the film by Massimo Martella “In the Name of Antea”: here the beautiful courtesan takes a voice and tells how, thanks to a group of young Italian officials of Fine Arts, she could escape the bombing and to the destruction of the Second World War.

It was not easy for me to compose the soundtrack of this exciting story full of nuances. The director first asked me to entrust a string quartet with a theme that began in a “suspended” way and then flowed into a singable and involving melody. Thus the theme of Antea was born. But this was only the beginning … Each new chapter in the story, every scene, every landscape needed a new color, a new harmony, a sometimes dramatic melody, sometimes light, sometimes even ironic. ..

It has been a long and demanding job, which, if I have to be honest, has also given me some moments of discouragement. But now I can tell you that I am very happy because the film / documentary (and also my music) had a warm welcome in many cinematrographic rooms throughout Italy … and it seems that Antea has not yet tired of traveling.

Just in these days I decided to give the soundtrack an autonomous life and I loaded the tracks, as many as 32, on bandcamp where you can listen to them for free in streeming or even to download.

Then I leave you with Antea … and his beloved astronomer.   


click on the image below to go to bandcamp and listen the soundtrack:Antea su bandcamp