ALESSANDRA CELLETTI for the Half Museums

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With conviction I support a political protest which is finally made with poetry and creativity: the initiative of the Half Museums. It ‘s a surreal and  strong fight to draw attention to the painful consequences caused by the short-sighted decision to halve the funds allocated to the Museums, Libraries and the Historical Archives of the Lazio Region.
So I will sit at the piano and play my own compositions, drawn in particular from my last record, Crazy Girl Blue, all cut in half . The notes will begin to flow, then, without warning and without giving time to understand, I’ll break off the sound;  it could happen right at that very moment, on a chord particularly effective, slicing in half the melody. I will do so with infinite regret because I love playing music from start to end, without any sudden interruptions, without unjust cuts … But I’ll stop the music to become part of this brilliant protest against the reduction by 50% of regional funds to the museums  , and to understand how cruel it is halving the art, whether it be poetry, color or music …
Alessandra Celletti


Concert at Quirinale live on Radio 3

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The entrance to the Quirinal is € 5.00 and includes a guided tour (free for children under 18 years and over 65 years)
The concert is free
info line: 0039 06 46991


Vexations (Satie no-stop) all’Auditorium

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“Il Tempo” Festival delle Scienze 2012

Erik Satie
24 ore di musica perpetua
No stop da sabato http://clashroyaleboom.com 21 ore 18
a domenica 22 ore 18
L’esibizione di Alessandra Celletti è prevista alle ore 22:30 del 21 gennaio

ingresso gratuito