Sacred Honey live on Battiti-Radio3

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Sunday July 1st Alessandra Celletti will be guest on Battiti – Radio3 where she will play live some compositions from her latest album “Sacred Honey” .


logo Battiti




Nel Nome di Antea – documentary

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5 June Rocca di Sassocorvaro – Premio Rotondi 21.00
7 June Sassocorvaro – auditorium mattina 10.30
8 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 15.00 – 17.30 – 20.30
11-12-13 June Roma – Cinema Barberini 16.00 – 17.30 – 19.00
11 June Milano – Cinema Oberdan 19.15
12 June Mantova – Cinema Mignon 21.00
12 June Ancona – Cinema Italia 21.30
12 June Pesaro – Cinema Solaris 21.00
12-13 June Pisa – Cinema Arsenale 12/6 18.30 – 13/6 20.30
13 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 17.15
16 June Milano – Il Cinemino 14.30
18-19 June Mantova – Cinema Mignon 20.00
19 June Firenze – Cinema La Compagnia 19.00
19-20 June Padova – Cinema Multisala Pio X 18.45 – 21.15
20 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 20.00
20 June Napoli – Cinema Modernissimo 21.00
21 June Bologna – Biografilm Festival – Cinema Galliera 19.00
22 June Urbino – Cinema Ducale 21.00
21-22-23-24 June – Cinema Farnese 16.00
25 June Civitanova Marche – Cecchetti 19.00 – 21.15
27 June – 4 July Firenze – Spazio Uno 27/6 21.30 P – poi orari vari
28 June Perugia – Cinema Zenith 19.30 – 21.00
29 June Taranto – Sala Bellarmino 21.30
4, 8, 9 July Festival di Spoleto – Sala Pegasus 4/7 16.00 – 8/7 22.15 – 9/7 20.00
13 July Genova – Arena Ducale 21.30

In the name of Antea is a documentary film of 2018, directed by Massimo Martella.
Duration 75 minutes.
Produced and distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà.
Original music by Alessandra Celletti

The story of the cultural rescue mission of a group of young Italian officials of the fine arts during the Second World War who, despite their courage and dedication, remained in the shadows until recently. It is thanks to these brave people that today we can admire and show the whole world Caravaggio, Giorgione, Raffaello and many others. Making war in Italy was like fighting in “a bloody museum”; yet, that museum has survived and it is witness to the history of our identity, transmitting the universal value of beauty every day.



Piano Piano on the road on youtube

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from June 5th the film-doc “Piano Piano on the road” will be available for free on youtube




Alessandra Celletti Live in Rome

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Almost two years after the last Roman concert at Romaeuropa Festival in 2016, on the 15th of April the stage  at Monk  hosts Alessandra Celletti with the multi-instrumentalist Daniele Ercoli on the double bass, kaval and flugehorn.
An appointment to present also SACRED HONEY, the new, twentieth album, that Alessandra Celletti dedicated to the music of G.I. Gurdjieff.
The concert will start precisely at sunset scheduled for 19:51
more info HERE

Sacred Honey |||||| New Album

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Cover per sito


Gurdjieff / De Hartmann |||| Alessandra Celletti

CD [Bleriot 2018]

More than 20 years have passed since the release of “Hidden Sources”, the first album that I dedicated to the music of Gurdjieff and De Hartmann.

Yet, after so many years, I still remember the emotions I felt in the daily immersion in the study of such intense and profound melodies.

At that time I was living in Prague and the mysterious and hypnotic landscapes of Central Asia evoked by these compositions, mingled with the snow and the bitter cold of the Bohemian capital.

It was a strange alchemy.

So this year, after a long time, I thought of going back into the sacred atmospheres that Gurdjieff managed to explore during his countless journeys and brought to light thanks to the collaboration with De Hartmann.

This time, however, my piano is not alone.

For “Sacred Honey” I tried to imagine and recreate the exotic and esoteric sounds of the movements, hymns and sacred dances of Gurdjieff and I involved the multi-instrumentalist Daniele Ercoli who honored me with his participation with the sound of the double bass, the kaval and of the flugelhorn. In many of the compositions I created the electronic sounds myself and played the harmonium (an instrument very dear to Gurdjieff), that I bought in a small shop in Mumbai during one of my concerts in India.

I would like this new work to have the strength to transport into soundscapes full of charm and enchantment.

on the title: why Sacred Honey?

The word Sarmoung means “bee” and there are traces of a Confraternity of Sarmoung whose origins are lost in the mists of time; signs are found in Babylon since the days of Hammurabi.

The Sarmoung taught that objective knowledge is a material substance that can be harvested and stored like honey. It is believed that the Sarmounis (the bees) possessed teachings antecedent to The Flood.

Once again comes the metaphor of the Ark and although it is certainly possible that no real universal flood has ever occurred, it is probable that the Sarmoungs referred to their responsibility to keep safe the Ark of ancient wisdom through the floods of time.

It seems that this confraternity had recorded the destructions and periodic rebirths of humanity believing that its tradition represented an eternal and unchanging nucleus of wisdom to which humanity could always draw.

At critical moments in history, the Sarmoungs distributed their “honey” throughout the world through duly trained agents.

The traveler, scholar of metaphysics and of ancient religions John Bennett, believed that the symbol of the enneagram at the base of Gurdjieff’s teaching, as well as the knowledge of the Law of Seven,

the law which according to the mystical Armenian, regulates every process of change and many of his sacred dances, had arisen from the Sarmoung Brotherhood. [*]


The cd album will be released on April 2018

Listen to Sacred Honey here



[*] http://ggurdjieff.it/


19 February @ Apollo 11

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mio duce ti scrivo

Monday 19 February at 21.00

Apollo 11 Cultural Center
c / o Itis Galilei side entrance of via Bixio 80 / a

(corner via Conte Verde) – Rome

Projection of
MY DUCE I WRITE YOU. The letters of the Italians to Mussolini 1923/1943

a film by Massimo Martella

Prod. Istituto Luce Cinecittà in collaboration with RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana – RAI TRE

Italy, 2015, 75 ‘
will perform at the piano some extracts from the soundtrack
At the end of the projection
together with the director MASSIMO MARTELLA will meet the public.

During the two decades of dictetorship, Italians of all ages, gender and backgrounds took the pen to write to Mussolini. Many wrote to ask for financial aid, some to denounce wrongs or illegality, but most only wanted to communicate to Mussolini the faith in his person, with a devotion that sometimes leads to adoration. These letters, interpreted by four actors on the background of the images of the time, and accompanied by the testimony of an exceptional sender, Andrea Camilleri, tell the story, the hopes, the sorrows of those who wrote them; the documentary shows how that relationship of affection without intermediaries was born, grew up and then broke, thanks also to the pervasive use of propaganda that Mussolini was able to create with the Italians.


Solem String Quartet plays Celletti

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Sunday 15th October at 3.00 p.m.

All Hallows Church – NW3 2JP London

Planet Tree Music Festival presents: The Solem String Quartet with Catherine King (mezzo-soprano) & Stephen Bennett (clarinet)

The Solem Quartet present a varied programme of world premiere pieces, accompanied by mezzo- soprano and clarinet.

James D’Angelo: The Scherzo of Fools for clarinet quintet WP, Pater Noster, for mezzo soprano and string quartet WP
Christine Turellier: Quartet 26 Op. 129 WP
Jean Catoire: Quartet 13 Op. 219 WP
Alessandra Celletti: A Crescent Moon WP
Lawrence Ball: Quartet 6 WP
Bela Bartok: Quartet 4

WP – World Premiere

“Meditate to a higher Sphere with Authentic Contemporary Classical Music”. Escape reality and the buzz of the city and immerse yourself in sound worlds. Championing an alternate way of listening, audiences are encouraged to lie down, and relax into the music. Please BRING A YOGA MAT, if you wish to LIE DOWN AND LISTEN.

Practical information:
– TICKETS will be sold AT THE DOOR: £13, £10 concessions
or… Attend 2 concerts for £20, £15 concessions
– Disabled Access: One small step, accessible for a wheelchair, or mobility scooter
– Food and drink: tea, coffee & light refreshments

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Alessandra Celletti at Planet Tree Music Festival – London

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Saturday 14th October 7.30 p.m.

Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel – 3 Pilgrims Place, NW3 1NG Londra


Practical information:
– TICKETS will be sold AT THE DOOR: £13, £10 concessions
or… Attend 2 concerts for £20, £15 concessions
– Disabled Access: One small step, accessible for a wheelchair, or mobility scooter
– Food and drink: tea, coffee & light refreshments

Planet Tree Music Festival presents: Alessandra Celletti’s “Working On Satie” and Keith Barnard: solo piano.

Together with English composer Keith Barnard, performing his own world premiere works, Italian pianist Alessandra Celletti presents a multi-media piece ‘Working on Satie’ inspired by the late composer.

Keith Barnard, Piano: Nocturnal prelude No. 3, 4 WP and 5 WP The Mosaic Icons of St Nicholas
Alessandra Celletti: Piano and Projections
Celletti/Onze: Working On Satie, UKP
Lawrence Ball: StarGates WP

WP – World Premiere

“Meditate to a higher Sphere with Authentic Contemporary Classical Music”. Escape reality and the buzz of the city and immerse yourself in sound worlds. Championing an alternate way of listening, audiences are encouraged to lie down, and relax into the music.

Please BRING A YOGA MAT, if you wish to LIE DOWN AND LISTEN.

brochure extract


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On the Lake

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Music by Alessandra Celletti / Erik Satie / Maurice Ravel / Philip Glass

The cost of the ticket is € 15.00 (concert + dinner € 40.00)
Due to limited number of places, reservation is required
The address is Via Marconi, 27 Paciano
– Tel. 075830144

Paciano, in the province of Perugia, is among the most beautiful villages in Italy.
The medieval town is located on Mount Petrarvella (391 m asl) where in ancient times there was a temple dedicated to god Giano.



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Arbor Day As a formal holiday, it was first observed in 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska on April 10, and about 1 million trees were planted on that first date.
“Arbor Day”, has become a celebration recognized in many countries around the world and it is intended to encourage people, both in groups and as individuals, to cultivate and care for trees.
Usually Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April, but the dates can change throughout the year based on the best times for planting trees depending on the area.
Aural Films presents THIS MUSIC PLANTS TREES 2, the second volume of this special, at the Arbor Day 2017. Twenty-five musicians coming from different parts of the world for a collection of compositions that aim to stimulate tree care starting with the simple act of planting them ..
Our forests are disappearing and we need the commitment of each of us to plant trees and recreate forests around the world. Almost half of all trees have been removed from the planet but the forests are essential for the sustenance of all people around the world.
You can make the difference even by purchasing music.
All the proceeds from the album This Music Plants Trees 2 will be donated to the Plant to Billion Trees project.
More than two and a half hours of music to plant more trees!
The album will be available Arbor Day April 28th on digital download and ecco collection disc. The album release can be purchased online at: auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/this-music-plants-trees-2
This Music Plants Trees 2 Artists
Alessandra Celletti (Italy)
Amanda Chaudhary (USA)
Annemarie Borg-Antara (United Kingdom)
Bark Citrus Oakestra (USA)
Candy L (USA)
Cheryl Leonard (USA)
Chuck Van Zyl (USA)
Dawn Tuesday (USA)
Djam Karet (USA)
Fernwood (USA)
Forrest Fang (USA)
Gypsy Witch (United Kingdom)
Jack Hertz (USA)
John WIggins (USA)
Lomita (Germany)
Meng Qi (China)
metlay! (USA)
Mika Pontecorvo (USA)
Robert Scott Thompson (USA)
Salim Nair (India)
Shane Morris (USA)
Theothersideofwho? (Germany)
Thollem Electric (Earth)
Tony Gerber (USA)
About Plant a Billion Trees
The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is an unprecedented restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008. Our first project was to restore Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, and now we have expanded to include forest projects in the United States and China. By planting trees and helping forests regrow where they have been severely degraded, we’re helping to ensure clean water, air, diverse species and full, healthy forests for future generations. Read more about the project at plantabillion.org
About Aural Films
Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality soundtracks for the real and imaginary. We cover a wide range of music styles ranging from ambient to experimental to popular to soundtrack musics. Often on the same albums. You can find our complete catalog of releases online at auralfilms.com