Concert in Belgrade

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25 February 2019 at Kolarac Theater in Belgrade






New on Spotify

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Francisco Goya: Il sonno della ragione genera mostri

“Sleep Of Reason” out now on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and Google play

Here the link: ▶️ http://smarturl.it/sleepofreason

Composed as the official soundtrack to the documentary “Mio duce ti scrivo”, and inspired by the craziness during the fascist regime in Italy, the album is an emotionally charged collection that showcases some of Celletti’s finest work to date.


5th december @Naples

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Maschio Angioino







The piano by Alessandra Celletti for the freedom of social ties against any form of organized arrogance.

Wednesday, December 5th at 06:00 pm

Maschio Angioino – Castel Nuovo – Naples

Here the detailed program of “The Night of the Philosophers”:
https://www.vesuviolive.it/ultime-news/270669-la-notte-dei-filosofi-a-napoli-il-programma-degli-eventi/Here the detailed program of “La Notte dei Filosofi”:


Burning……………………………………against mafias

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Music against Mafias











Until November 27 at noon it is possible to vote for one of the pieces participating in “Music against mafias”.

Alessandra Celletti participates with “Burning” an instrumental piece for piano and drums that wants to symbolize the flow of lifeblood that rebels against oppression. An expression of freedom and a desire to overturn reality.

Here is the link to watch Burning’s video and vote for it:






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November 4th @Time Zones

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In the wood of Topolò

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Alessandra met Topolò for the first time during   her “Piano Piano on the Road” tour, when her stage/ truck with the piano on board, arrived in this tiny village on the border with Slovenia, for an unforgettable concert in the woods. The Nature, the people and the magic of that place.
Five years later she comes back. Thanks to the determination of a few visionaries, Topolò still resists and gives life again, also this year, to Topolò Station – Postaja Topolove , a calendar of events suspended between words, sounds and dreams

Alessandra Celletti’s concert is scheduled for July 15th, still in the woods, still in the enchantment.
The event opens on 6 July and HERE you find the complete program. All events are free.

Sacred Honey live on Battiti-Radio3

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Sunday July 1st Alessandra Celletti will be guest on Battiti – Radio3 where she will play live some compositions from her latest album “Sacred Honey” .


logo Battiti




Nel Nome di Antea – documentary

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5 June Rocca di Sassocorvaro – Premio Rotondi 21.00
7 June Sassocorvaro – auditorium mattina 10.30
8 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 15.00 – 17.30 – 20.30
11-12-13 June Roma – Cinema Barberini 16.00 – 17.30 – 19.00
11 June Milano – Cinema Oberdan 19.15
12 June Mantova – Cinema Mignon 21.00
12 June Ancona – Cinema Italia 21.30
12 June Pesaro – Cinema Solaris 21.00
12-13 June Pisa – Cinema Arsenale 12/6 18.30 – 13/6 20.30
13 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 17.15
16 June Milano – Il Cinemino 14.30
18-19 June Mantova – Cinema Mignon 20.00
19 June Firenze – Cinema La Compagnia 19.00
19-20 June Padova – Cinema Multisala Pio X 18.45 – 21.15
20 June Roma – Cinema Farnese 20.00
20 June Napoli – Cinema Modernissimo 21.00
21 June Bologna – Biografilm Festival – Cinema Galliera 19.00
22 June Urbino – Cinema Ducale 21.00
21-22-23-24 June – Cinema Farnese 16.00
25 June Civitanova Marche – Cecchetti 19.00 – 21.15
27 June – 4 July Firenze – Spazio Uno 27/6 21.30 P – poi orari vari
28 June Perugia – Cinema Zenith 19.30 – 21.00
29 June Taranto – Sala Bellarmino 21.30
4, 8, 9 July Festival di Spoleto – Sala Pegasus 4/7 16.00 – 8/7 22.15 – 9/7 20.00
13 July Genova – Arena Ducale 21.30

In the name of Antea is a documentary film of 2018, directed by Massimo Martella.
Duration 75 minutes.
Produced and distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà.
Original music by Alessandra Celletti

The story of the cultural rescue mission of a group of young Italian officials of the fine arts during the Second World War who, despite their courage and dedication, remained in the shadows until recently. It is thanks to these brave people that today we can admire and show the whole world Caravaggio, Giorgione, Raffaello and many others. Making war in Italy was like fighting in “a bloody museum”; yet, that museum has survived and it is witness to the history of our identity, transmitting the universal value of beauty every day.



Piano Piano on the road on youtube

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from June 5th the film-doc “Piano Piano on the road” will be available for free on youtube




Alessandra Celletti Live in Rome

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Almost two years after the last Roman concert at Romaeuropa Festival in 2016, on the 15th of April the stage  at Monk  hosts Alessandra Celletti with the multi-instrumentalist Daniele Ercoli on the double bass, kaval and flugehorn.
An appointment to present also SACRED HONEY, the new, twentieth album, that Alessandra Celletti dedicated to the music of G.I. Gurdjieff.
The concert will start precisely at sunset scheduled for 19:51
more info HERE