Dear to Me for an elephant puppy

Written by Alessandra on October 10th, 2018 Posted in blog

We live in a complex and contradictory age but sometimes we can be surprised by beautiful and poetic stories and thanks to the internet we can cancel the distances and share them in every corner of the world.
Paul lives in Thailand with his Khwan and a lovely little girl who was born of their love. Like me, he plays the piano, and for many years he has made me happy, performing my music with care and passion. Some time ago he brought his piano to an elephant sanctuary there in Thailand experiencing the effect of music on these giants. From this experience has been realized a beautiful documentary full of engaging images. Paul has played for them music by Debussy, Beethoven, Ravel, Joplin …. and also some of my compositions. You can not imagine my joy in seeing the reactions of Koko, an orphaned puppy still wild, rolling in the mud happy while Paul plays my “dear to me”