Love Animals
Sacred Honey
Working on Satie
Above thesky
Crazy girl blue
Sketches of Sakagawea
W.C. George Bataille
Plays Baldassarre Galuppi
Sustanza di cose sperata
The red pages
Chi mi darà le ali
The Golden fly
Way out
Esotèrik Satie
Black Baby
Hidden sources
Viaggio a Praga
Les sons et les parfums

Esotérik Satie

Esotérik Satie

“To be interested in Satie one must be disinterested to begin with, accept that a sound is a sound and a man is a man, give up illusions about ideas of order, expressions of sentiment, and all the rest of our inherited aesthetic claptrap. It is not a question of Satie’s relevance. He’s indispensable. (John Cage)

“Alessandra Celletti draws from these very well known works (A. Ciccolini, J.J. Barbier, R. De Leew) the inner strenght to recapture our flagging attention. Her Piecès Froides vibrate with a rare light and the three Gymnopédies are refreshed by a clear, delicate, performance. The rhythm remains suspended, rigorous and grave. The humour, the non-sense and as well as the absurd are elegantly and pointedly expressed in the Sports et Divertissements, from which the interpreter has chosen three short movements”.
[Frank Mallet – Le Monde de la Musique

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