Mini Piano Tour Experience

Written by Alessandra on August 28th, 2020 Posted in blog

In the summer of 2020, the summer of Covid I don’t even have a concert scheduled. I adapted to the new ways improvising some Facebook live shows like many of my fellow musicians, but I miss the chance to play live and share the emotion of the sounds.
However, anyone who knows me knows: I always try to transform “negative” events into something “new” and capable of surprising.
Already in 2013, in full economic crisis, I had loaded my grand piano on a truck, traveling all over Italy with the “Piano piano on the road” tour and playing for people in incredible places traveling through Italy from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Calabria and Sicily. This time the challenge is even more difficult, but the solution came to me by “playing” with my mini plan: in Sardinia for a short vacation, one morning I decided to wake up at dawn and go to seashore with my video camera and my miniature piano, an instrument that can be mistaken for a toy but which actually has fascinating sounds, especially if they blend with those of the natural environment of the sea, cicadas, some little bird in the distance …
I posted this short video on my facebook page and you immediately overwhelmed me with “likes” and messages full of affection and interest in this way of sharing my music.

mini concerto sui sassi rossi  di Salinedda

mini concerto nei pressi dello stagno di Salinedda    


So I came up with the idea of giving a shape to this project and of creating Mini concerts on the Mini piano in suggestive places and natural oases, blending compositions and improvisations inspired by the place with the sounds of Nature.
There is a region that attracts me and that every time I cross it gives me special emotions: it is Friuli Venezia Giulia. So I decided: I will leave with my mini piano, my little video camera and a tripod and play along the waterways that flow through this fascinating region.
The first stop will be in Topolò, where on September 12 I will do a short performance near the Mill. Then, in the following days I will let myself be shown the way by instinct, but also by the locals. I am selecting an itinerary that will take me to the Pozze Smeraldine, along the Arzino river, to the Borgo di Movada …
Finally I will collect the material and I will tell you about my summer of covid, the one in which I will not have been able to play for people, but alone in front of a nature that is always wonderful..