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Written by Alessandra on April 15th, 2016 Posted in news

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Il Viandante nel Cuore dello Zodiaco (The Wanderer in the Heart of the Zodiac)

The idea for this project came when, March 12, 2011, the planet Uranus entered the sign of Aries where it remained for seven years, launching the message of "making all things new", abolishing the old behaviors to be open to new ideas, inspired by the highest values that aim at the common good.

The musical journey of Alessandra Celletti is an invitation to imagine ourselves as travelers that accompany the sun in its annual journey through the Zodiac.

Over the millennia much has been written about every aspect of the Zodiac but this project focuses on a specific aspect of astrology: the development of a quality associated with each sign.

To participate in this trip is not necessary to know astrology; It serves instead the desire to have a new experience, to tune with these qualities through the use of various instruments: music, sound and visual art together intoned on the same vibration.


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