Love Animals
Sacred Honey
Working on Satie
Above thesky
Crazy girl blue
Sketches of Sakagawea
W.C. George Bataille
Plays Baldassarre Galuppi
Sustanza di cose sperata
The red pages
Chi mi darà le ali
The Golden fly
Way out
Esotèrik Satie
Black Baby
Hidden sources
Viaggio a Praga
Les sons et les parfums


overgroundPrecise, immediate and inventive, “Overground”, rather than a symphonic poem, sparks the fantasy with colourful frames, sound snapshots that last the time it takes to give the idea: an earthly paradise, the simple life of the natives, the desolation of a mindless destruction. Alessandra Celletti has unearthed a new possibility: electronic music with a classical heart. The timbres are put in the forefront rather than the architecture, and in this music every sound presence stands on its own, realizing a healthy collaboration between classical and electronic instruments.

            Hum Bom! (da una poesia di Allen Ginsberg)
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