Sketches of Sacagawea


 Sketches of Sacagawea

Limited edition

physical copies sold out
 digital version available

A new production of al-kemi lab, a limited edition printed cardboard box containing a book and a cd. One hundred numbered copies.
For some time Alessandra Celletti has been working on a project dedicated to the history of a Native American heroine, Sacagawea, whose deeds are undisputed heritage of the North American culture, especially in the women studies. Born at the end of the 18th century in the tribe of Shoshone, when she was only 17, Sacagawea guided the Lewis and Clark expedition to the shores of the Pacific ocean and her help was fundamental to the success of the adventure. A young woman, alone with a baby on her shoulders, Sacagawea made the venture and the journey possible.

Fascinated by the legendary figure of Sacagawea, Alessandra Celletti devoted to her history some compositions published by al-kemi lab in one of its alchemical boxes entitled “Sketches for Sacagawea”, a sort of notebook of notes containing a CD with 5 tracks and a booklet (16 pages, format 14×24 cm) which will include paintings inspired by the work of Alessandra Celletti, made by Leila Gabellini (Alessandra’s mother and painter) and fragments of drawings by Alessandra as a child.