Thank YOU Michael!

Written by Alessandra on April 2nd, 2016 Posted in blog

It’s been three days since Michael flew away, three days that I cannot sleep. I have a hole in my heart and I feel like a little bird with a broken wing. I thought Michael was immortal. A strange angel descended to earth in search of music to let flow into space. I felt proud and lucky that among millions of possible sounds he had chosen mine as well. Michael is the most generous person, full of enthusiasm that I have never met before; he offered to this spoiled world his clear and delicate mind, his romantic and a bit ‘crazy heart. He was the best producer an artist could wish for. He always encouraged me and made me feel valued and respected without reservation. Every detailed was considered together with care and love, and if we had to talk about money he would apologize as if he was afraid to pollute the purity of inspiration.

I’m glad I could share with him an infinity of beautiful and important musical projects, a great trip by car on the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles and a flight by plane to New York. Twelve days entirely spent together, walking through icy wind and giant buildings. Sometimes he was bleeding from his foot and I was worried, but he reassured me by saying that it was nothing serious and he continued to walk with the sole desire to make our dreams reality. Some have come true, others were there … suspended between the earth and the sky. When you share an art project with passion our souls mingle and remain forever linked so now it’s up to me to continue the Transparency journey to a musical world of purity and magic. I will be guided by the last words that Michael wrote to me a few days before he left this earth: “I am with you in spirit at every note you strike on the piano or any songs you create with vocals”.

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