Way Out

way_out“WAY OUT” produced by the English label LTM. The cd presents 16 tracks, innovative in composition and sound, that aim straight to the heart. Unusual this recording is also thanks to the instrumentation used: the waves of piano are underpinned, with balance and grace, by the rhythmic backbone of the drums, played by Fabio Ferri. The result is melodies that are at once refined and inspired.

This album introduces us to yet another surprise: for the first time we hear Alessandra Celletti sing, and the results are utterly satisfying. She endows her music with colour and extremely elegant shades. It’s a music difficult to pigeonhole, far from the usual stereotypes, just like the artistic route of its author, who is able to cross genres with suble harmony, managing to meld styles that are apparently incompatible: classical music and rock, pop and minimalism, without forgetting experimental: a good arrangement and a superb use of dynamics conjugate it all.

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