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Working On Satie (cd&dvd) Celletti/Onze

erik_smallPiano, electronics and visual art aim to create a "visionary space" of sounds and images designed to represent the surreal poetry of life and to suggest the experience of different levels of reality, in which resounds the never extinguished echo of Satie. If music is Alessandra Celletti’s instrument of expression, Onze, aka Stefano Centonze, is an artist of images. Painter and illustrator he works with different techniques, combining pencil, acrylic paint, collage, photography, paint brush and computer graphics. He always starts his work with a hand-drawn sketch on paper, even when using digital tools. Among the artistic influences of his unique and original work are found expressionist painting, pop art, comics and poster art. In the last phase of his production Onze has approached the world of images in motion producing a series of videos in which, however, he does not renounce to apply his specific pictorial peculiarities.

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