Love Animals
Sacred Honey
Working on Satie
Above thesky
Crazy girl blue
Sketches of Sakagawea
W.C. George Bataille
Plays Baldassarre Galuppi
Sustanza di cose sperata
The red pages
Chi mi darà le ali
The Golden fly
Way out
Esotèrik Satie
Black Baby
Hidden sources
Viaggio a Praga
Les sons et les parfums

Crazy girl blue

crazygirlblue_coverAn immediate and striking musical portrait, CRAZY GIRL BLUE expresses through 16 original tracks the dream world of Alessandra Celletti, her fascination for the unseen and her passion for flying. And the blue? "It has always been my favorite color, perhaps because it is the color of the sky and freedom. For years, piloting the glider has taught me to develop the insight to recognize the direction of the winds and the color of the clouds. There is a common point between the discipline that I learned to fly a glider and the one it takes to play the piano: it is the lightness. And perhaps this is the feature that best describes my way of composing and playing.

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